Movie Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Yes, this was our favorite book when we were children. I remember making my mom read this over and over again as a bedtime story. And now, it’s a movie…and completely different.

Enter Flint. He’s a mad scientist (literally, a mad scientist, with the crazy hair and the awesome white lab coat and everything) who has been inventing things ever since he was just a little boy to try to make his town a better place. He started out with the stick-on shoes, which solves the problem of untied shoelaces…but never comes off. Then there was Steve, the monkey that talked through a device that he created. And then there was his masterpiece: a machine that could take water and turn it into FOOD.

Now his town is in a bit of a crisis. They are the main producer of sardines on the planet, but then the world finally figures out that sardines are disgusting. And so the factory shuts down and everybody has to eat sardines. The mayor comes up with an idea to attract tourists…but on that same day of the big presentation, Flint wants to try out his new invention from the town power supply. Quite simply, the machine goes up into the sky, Flint knocks over Sam Sparks, an intern weather forecaster, and ruins the big unveiling of the mayor’s attraction. Instead of impressing everyone, everybody basically thinks that he’s ruined everything again.

He goes to the pier to be sad and everything, and a moment later he, quite painfully, meets Sam Sparks, who is also there to be sad about how her first live weather forecast has gone awry. And as Sam begins to marvel over Flint’s inventions and Flint begins to get the first taste of falling in love, quite suddenly, hamburgers begin falling out of the sky, which proposes the first glimmer of hope for both of them…for Flint to win the approval of the town and for Sam to go further in her forecaster career.

But things start changing drastically. The machine begins going out of control. The mayor becomes crazy. The relationship between Sam Sparks and Flint begins evolving. What will happen next?

Good movie, but I thought that the storyline got too far-fetched at the end. Though it was very entertaining, I still have to say that I prefer the storybook. 3 /5 stars 


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