Dogs in Taipei

One thing I’ve noticed since arriving in Taipei is how life in the big city is very different from the lifestyle I was accustomed to at home.  People aren’t the only ones who adapt to city life, though.  The dogs here are very different from the ones I’ve seen back in NC, whether they currently have an owner or are living in the streets.

The most popular dog to own in Taipei right now is the Red Poodle.  Having a larger dog in the city can be a hassle, and

A Red Poodle at the night market

Red Poodles are fairly small for the most part.  They’re also very docile and good natured, as many people like to carry them around in bags.  I’ve actually seen them dressed in clothes, too, which isn’t uncommon around these parts (I guess it’s considered fashionable).  If I tried to bring my dog, Patches, with me into the city and carry her around in a bag she would probably run away and hide in an alley.

Speaking of which, it seems like all the dogs around here are used to being surrounded by people.  I know if my country dog ever saw so many people in one place, she would be so scared she wouldn’t be able to move. I was actually walking home from a laundromat the other day and I stopped at an intersection.  While

This dog's name is Little Rock, and she stood there quietly on the stool for fifteen minutes while her owner ate lunch

I was waiting to cross the street, I noticed a stray dog standing next to me.  When the light changed, everyone, including the dog, crossed the street in one big mob.  I thought it was crazy that the dog was so used to the city that it knew how to wait to cross the street like a human.

Another trait that is (I’m guessing) unique to the dogs in Taipei is the ability to ride on a motor scooter.  I’ve seen dogs stand perfectly still on scooters while their owner’s drove them around.

Alright I didn't actually take this picture. Although I wouldn't be surprised if I did see it happen. Just imagine the dog on back isn't there, and that's how most dogs around here ride on scooters.

On a different note, this is going to be my last post from Taiwan.  I’m leaving for Thailand on February 8th, and I’m going to be busy packing and getting ready for the flight for the next couple of days.  After a couple months there, I’m either heading back to the States for a bit or heading straight to Shanghai.


2 Responses to Dogs in Taipei

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow that’s pretty nifty!! I love dogs so it’s pretty cool learning about them in other countries. I hope to hear more from you soon and I hope your travels go well!

  2. Thomas Erickson says:

    That’s amazing! The dogs there seem to be quite talented, and almost human-like. The dogs here in Jaipur, India are as numerous, but don’t do much except sleep dangerously close to oncoming traffic and eat garbage…

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