Peter and the Sword of Mercy: Book Review

Peter and the Sword of Mercy by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

In case you’ve never read any of the books in the Peter and the Starcatchers series, these are almost like prequels to the actual Peter Pan story. And they’re good. This book is the fourth book in the series, the previous ones being Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter and the Shadow Thieves, and Peter and the Secret of Rundoon. My suggestion is to read the previous books before you read the other ones, because these go in chronological order. And this book review DOES contain spoilers, if you haven’t gotten to the Secret of Rundoon yet…

As the books go on, they get longer, more complicated, and more serious. But they do get better.

It’s been twenty-three years since the incident at Rundoon. Nothing much has changed at the island (of course, thanks to their stash of starstuff), but in London, Molly has married George Darling, and they now have three children: John, Michael, and Wendy (starting to sound familiar?). But that is all going to change.

Three men in the middle of sea are found by Peter. They claim to be crewmen from the freighter Inganno, which sank three weeks and two days ago in a terrible storm. Tinkerbell is cautious, but Peter takes them back to Fighting Prawn. Yet Tinkerbell is right to be wary. Fighting Prawn scans them over, lets them stay, but pulls Peter aside and explains the situation. The men were frauds. When they were in the boat, there was no fresh water, no sign of any food. If they had been stuck there for weeks with nothing, then at least their lips would have been cracked or their bellies might have been swollen, and their skin might have been brown from the sun instead of red. So, Fighting Prawn concludes, they must have only been in their boat for three days. But why did these men lie?

Back in London, James, one of the Lost Boys that had decided to return to London with Molly and Leonard Aster, is becoming uneasy. There have been multiple disappearances from South Kensington Underground station. The victims ride the train, but then never emerge again from the Underground. And he feels something in the tunnel, a kind of darkness. And out of the corner of his eye, he sees a shifting shadow. But they couldn’t be back, could they?

Thrilling, and definitely a page-turner. 5/5 stars. It’s packed with action, personified characters, and a storyline that’ll leave your heart pounding. READ.

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One Response to Peter and the Sword of Mercy: Book Review

  1. The Never Fairy says:

    It’s interesting that you said “almost like prequels” since what bothers me about this series is that they have a LOT of mistakes as compared to Barrie’s original stories. How they can have such disrespect is beyond me. And if they’re jsut prequels to Disney’s version, they seem to contradict that, too.

    There is a Peter Pan story that’s not only faithful to Barrie, but based on his own idea for more adventure. Check it out: Click!

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