Downloadable Audiobooks!!!!

Wake County Libraries is offering a new service that is sure to please.  It’s called Overdrive, and through it we can now offer you downloadable audiobooks.  Now you can download hundreds of awesome titles onto your computer and import them onto mp3 players, Ipods, and other portable devices.  These cost a lot less than the hard copy CD audiobooks so there is a lot more variety.  In order to use this service, you have to set up an Overdrive account.  To get started visit our portal here.


5 Responses to Downloadable Audiobooks!!!!

  1. Hils says:

    This sounds really cool, since I’m busy and don’t always have the time to renew and return my books on time…but when I tried to download a book there was an error.

  2. Hils says:

    I checked with all the requirements and stuff like that and downloaded all the necessary downloads, but I’m still getting the error that says: Error 0xC00D2781: A problem has occured in retrieving the Digital Rights Management machine identification. Contact Microsoft product support.

    • lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

      hilary, if you go to the overdrive website and scroll down to bottom there is a link to support, this will send a msg to library that staff that can help you resolve the problem. If you reply to them you will hopefully get a good response. The amount of detail you gave above is good.

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