Greetings from Thailand

Well I’ve been in Thailand for about a week now, and so far it’s been pretty spectacular.  It’s different from Taiwan, and the States as well, but definitely in a good way.  There are so many things I could talk about, some of which I could dedicate entire posts to, so for now I’ll just list a bunch of things that really caught my attention in my first several days here in Bangkok.

First off, the weather here is very, very hot. It is also rather humid, which anyone can tell you is a very uncomfortable combination.  It gets up to about 90 degrees here during the day, which is usually more than enough to keep me holed up in my apartment with the AC on full blast until the evening.  I originally thought that my body would eventually adjust to the heat if I stayed in Thailand long enough, but apparently not even the locals can stand the weather.  This isn’t even the hottest time of year for Thailand either.

Not all taxis here are cars; there are plenty of motorcycle taxis around.  Instead of roaming the streets and waiting for someone to flag them down, motorcycle taxis usually hang out in crowds near places that they will be the most needed.

A local hangout for motorcycle taxi drivers. They're easy to spot because of their bright orange vestsneeded. They're cheaper than car taxies, so if you need to commute somewhere on a daily basis you're better off sticking to motor cycle taxies. Only if you're traveling light though, since motor cycles obviously lack some basic luxuries offered by car taxies, such as space to put any bags, AC, and meters. This is actually one of the reasons I haven't been on one myself, as you have to negotiate a fare beforehand and I don't speak Thai...

…which segues me into my third topic, the fact that I don’t speak the local language.  Back in Taiwan, doing day-to-day activities was fairly straightforward since I’ve spoken Chinese since I was a kid.  Now that I’m in Thailand, it seems like pretty much everything I do is made about…let’s say 2000% harder because I can’t communicate properly with the locals.  For example, when I want to order food, I now have to rely heavily on pointing and gesturing, mostly at pictures of food or what other people have ordered.  And trying to tell cab drivers to go somewhere, like a nearby supermarket, usually ends with me pulling out a map of Bangkok or just pointing the direction I want to go…

…which is another perfect segue into my last topic, supermarkets (man I am just killing these transitions today!). Anyways, although there are outdoor marketplaces  here like back in Taiwan, when I arrived I went looking for an indoor supermarket (refer to paragraphs 2 and 4).  What I found was a multilevel shopping complex near my apartment that sells everything anyone could need on a daily basis.  I mean this place is huge. Imagine a Super Target (about the size of the one in Beaver Creek off of Highway 55 in Apex.  Though I think all Super Targets are roughly the same size).  Then imagine two more stacked on top of it. And also a basement underneath for a food court and parking. That’s what what this place is like (for future reference, the supermarket is called Big C).

A mountain of oranges for sale at the supermarket

Well that’s all for now, stay tuned for another post in the near future because there are a couple other places I went in my first week here that I want to talk about.



5 Responses to Greetings from Thailand

  1. UB says:

    Hi Matthew! Sounds like you’re getting great conditioning for a nice hot summer back at home 🙂 I hope the bugs aren’t too bad there. I imagine “tropical” produces a good healthy population of biting insects!

    Glad to hear things are going well for you!! I’ll forward your post to Nick, Sarah, and Laura…as I’m sure they’d like to hear how their cousin is doing.

    Have fun…and good luck with your adventure!!

  2. Wendy S says:

    Hey Matt! Davin finally showed me your blog! Everything you are getting to do sounds really awesome. It is nice to have some in-depth detail since when I ask Davin what you are up to, all I get is, “uhh he’s having fun!” I think it would be so fun to go to Taiwan, I didn’t know about those hot springs! The dogs definitely sound familiar to me though… when my family went to Argentina, all of the wild city dogs knew how to cross the street at the lights 🙂 I guess thats one thing that is shared in other countries. Well enjoy Thailand and the humidity… it has been one of the coldest winters on record here!


  3. Aunt Vicki says:

    Hi Matthew. I like your blog. It’s hard to imagine being hot, as I sit looking at the 2 foot high piles of snow outside my window. Wish I could send you some! I love the photo of all the oranges. Sounds fun to see a market that big. Best wishes on your tryouts. Aunt Vicki

  4. Andrew M. says:

    Wow, crazy stuff. I heard you’re doing some modeling…true or false.

  5. Matt Hill says:

    Thanks for your support guys!

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