The Lightning Thief: Movie Review

I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I heard it was being made. I had a right to be excited; Rick Riordan’s books are simply amazing.

But it wasn’t that good; it was okay, but it could have, should have, been better. The movie didn’t give the book justice.

First things first: the actors. I thought they were all too old. Percy was supposed to be twelve in the book. Instead, he looked way older than that. Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) is 18. I thought his looks fit Percy’s description well, but six years is a big difference. And Annabeth, played by Alexandra Daddario is almost 24. And she doesn’t really fit the description – Annabeth is supposed to have BLONDE hair and gray eyes. Brandon T. Jackson, who plays Grover, he’s hilarious, but he wasn’t how I imagined Grover at all. He’s almost 26, once again, too old…but he’s an amazing actor. I think Hades fit his description well (though I always have the version of Hades from Hercules stuck in my head: blue skin, flaming hair…), but Poseidon wasn’t at all what I imagined. Zeus was okay, but, again, Athena should have had blonde hair and gray eyes. Hermes was perfect; the rest of the gods they didn’t really introduce so I wasn’t really sure. And the acting itself? I thought they all did pretty well; there seemed to be SOME forced acting, but the fighting was good. And where was Clarisse?

The plot: it was different from the book. I wish that they would have gone with the book more. Instead of having Ares be behind it, it was just Luke and Hades. Hades, apparently, wanted complete control of the world. And Persephone, her role, was just strange. She shot Hades with the lightning bolt?! Seriously? How are they going to fit Ares hating Percy and the whole Kronos incident if they screwed up the plot in the first movie?!

Special effects: they were actually pretty good, except for when the Minotaur has Sally Jackson in its hand. That did not look real at all. But the rest looked pretty good, like Hades coming out as a flaming thing out of the bonfire.

Overall, it was kind of a disappointment. I had huge expectations for this movie. And I wish that the screenwriters could’ve put more of Percy’s sarcasm in it…but ah well. Never expect too much.

3 stars/5


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