Greeting from Thailand Pt. 2

Well I actually meant to write this about 4 days ago, but I’ve had a pretty busy 2nd week in Thailand.  This post is going to be another jumble of things that are commonplace here but would seem interesting to someone from out of the country.

First off, the fruit here is absolutely amazing; there is just as much of a variety here as there was back in Taipei.  The one fruit that stands out in my mind is the pineapple. I had some my first day here, and I’ve been eating it like crazy since.  What sets it apart from pineapple I’ve eaten in the past? Well for one thing it’s so sweet it’s almost sugary.  The people here even sell the core of the pineapple to eat (which I enjoy, because of the crunchiness), and even that part is sweet enough to eat.  Also, somehow they have managed to make all the pineapple less sharp and acidic, so when you eat a lot of it there is no unpleasant feeling in your mouth.  Fruit can be bought whole or precut in super markets, but I usually buy it from local vendors who sell it cut and skewered on wood sticks as snacks.

Since it’s hot and sunny here all the time, I assumed that sunblock would be sold everywhere.  However, for a while I couldn’t find any store that sold it.  All I found were shelves full of normal lotion and whitening cream (Oh yes, whitening cream.  Everyone here is trying to get white and stay white, while everyone back home is trying to get tan).  It wasn’t until later that I figured out that every lotion sold in Thailand and some sort of sunblock in it, there just wasn’t an SPF level written on the cover.  I suppose it’s assumed that you’re going to be in the sun of you’re in Thailand.

Moving on, I was in the candy bar section of Seven-Eleven the other day (not that I eat a lot of candy bars.  I was actually just passing through to get to the…salad section…), and I found

MARS BARS! Oh man, I had no idea these still existed, I haven't seen them in so long. I guess they must be popular here in Thailand

Another thing they had that I haven’t seen for several years is 7-Up. In fact, 7-Up is everywhere in Thailand; Sprite is nowhere to be found.  On the same note, Pepsi largely takes the place of Coke here too.  I’m not sure why this is, because back in Taipei it was the opposite.



One Response to Greeting from Thailand Pt. 2

  1. Sunz says:

    dude MARS BARS ARE THE Stuff!!!

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