NCAA March Madness

If you’re among the millions and billions of Americans (that includes me) who are eagerly awaiting the NCAA Tournament to start, you’re probably making your picks for the March Madness bracket.

This year, Kansas made their way to the top number one seed. The other number one seeds include Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse. My personal favorite team, Ohio State, was ranked a number two team, and is in the midwest region of the bracket (unfortunately) with Kansas. If they get to play each other, that’ll be a game to watch out for.

One thing I’m not understanding here is why Kansas, the top seed, is in the most difficult bracket. It’s full of conference champions. Duke, on the other hand, is in a relatively easy bracket, so it may look bad if they lose early. But I’m not talking too soon either. When teams are hot, they’re hot.

Even Obama filled out his bracket already. The President finished just above the 80th percentile last year, choosing UNC as his national champion, according to NESN. This year, I’ve glanced over his bracket, and it looks pretty impressive. His final four include Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, and Villanova. He chose Kansas as the champion this year. We’ll just have to see how that turns out. [information from]

As for me? I’m filling out ESPN’s free online bracket right now. Go to the following website. It has no age restrictions (apparently, since it didn’t restrict me when I first entered it in…but here’s the site link:

Have fun!



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