After being here in Bangkok for almost 2 months now, I have come to a couple of conclusions about this country from what I have observed during my time here.  Let me get this post started by riffing off a few.

First off, there is always a cheaper market place.  When I first arrived here, I went to a random, famous, tourist filled market.  Yes, the stuff the vendors sold there were very cheap when compared to the prices back home in the US.  After a while though, an insider informant told me that all the shop owners of these tourist-y market bought their goods from a different, locally owned market and resold it for a higher price.  Well that turned out to be true;  at the new and improved market I saw everything that was for sale in the tourist market, but cheaper.

But it doesn’t end there.  This new and improved market apparently buys all of its goods from yet another market. So basically there is a chain of markets that all sells their goods to the next market in line, and the further up the chain of markets you go the more expensive the prices get.

I feel like I used the word “market” a lot just now.

The second, more important thing that I have realized is that Thailand is a very foreigner friendly country.  Ok fine, I probably could have found that out by reading Thailand’s Wikipedia page.  But still, actually being here and seeing how many different kinds of people come to Bangkok for work or play is really incredible.  I’ve made Brazilian, Greek, Serbian, Turkish, Finnish, Canadian, Australian, German, and Swedish friends since coming here (and I think I might have left out a couple countries there too), and being with them inspires me to try new things that I wouldn’t normally do back at home.

So how does all of this tie into the title of the post?

The other night some friends and I went out to a night bazaar just for fun.  At this night bazaar there were street performers, live rock bars, and vendors selling everything from sunglasses to lawn ornaments.

My friend and I cruisin' the market together. Please note the UNC T-shirt I am sporting.

After roaming for a bit, we stumbled upon a cart selling…cockroaches.  And maggots.  To eat.  There was a fairly sizable crowd around the cart, although I think most of the people were just curious to see the bugs and not so much interested in dining.

Oh, and also, they sold scorpions.  Big black scorpions.  Long story short, I ate one.  I just decided that most people don’t get a chance to eat a scorpion in their lives, so why not capitalize on this opportunity while I am here?

My entree for the evening. The vendor sterilized it and clipped of the tip of it's tail before he gave it to me. He also added some spice, although it didn't really help the taste that much

Here is a video of me buying the scorpion. I actually have another video of me eating it but I might have accidentally slipped a curse or two in there and I’m not to keen with movie editing.

Well if you’re wondering how it tasted, I think I can sum up all of the adjectives running through my head while forced down that insect with the word, “bad”.  No, it did not taste like chicken.  Well, maybe if a chicken was processed into a chicken McNugget and then dropped into a puddle of mud for several days…in which case it would taste like that kind of chicken.

On a side note, I am leaving for the Philippines in the the next couple of weeks, and I am going to try to get as many posts in about Thailand as possible



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