First Days in the Philippines

Hello all! As you might have guessed from the title, I am now in the Philippines!   I decided to skip the making of a final post on Bangkok, mostly because I didn’t do much during my last days in Thailand (I was busy packing and changing my flight multiple times..).   I am really excited to be here, as it is the first country so far that I have never been to before.

These past few days I actually just spent familiarizing myself with my new surroundings and trying to find a supermarket of some sort so that I can stop eating McDonalds for all my meals.  Not that don’t enjoy having Big Macs from morning to night; the McDonalds here in Manila has different food than in the US or in Thailand.  I had fun sampling everything on the menu (you could order rice as a side instead of fries…how strange).

Speaking of fast food, I would just like to say that for the last few months, I have been craving food from some of the fast food joints only found in the States.  If I could have any restaurant in the world deliver food to me at this very second, I would have to say Bojangles.  Or maybe Taco Bell (which is odd, because I never really liked Taco Bell while I was still in NC).  All these cravings for fast food made what happened to me this morning so much more awesome.

After I discovered where the local supermarket was, I decided to sign up with a gym here in Manila.  I mean why not? I’m going to be here for a few months, so I might as well get in shape while I’m at it.  Anyways, when I was walking back from the gym earlier today (absolutely famished, I might add), I looked over across the plaza and saw a…


I can say with absolute certainty that I have never been as excited to see a red headed cartoon food mascot in my life.  Except for maybe Snap, the Rice Krispy elf.  Man I used to love that guy when I was a kid.  Anyways, after I spotted this place (and took a picture of it), I walked on in and took a look at the menu.  Unlike places like KFC and McDonalds that changed their menus to adapt to the local taste, everything on Wendy’s menu was the same as in the States.  Right down to the Baconater.

Of course I had my lunch right then and there.  My burger was good, or as good as burgers get when ordered in a fast food restaurant.  My only complaint is that my burger was not square.  If anything, it was more of an oval.  But, despite this I will be sure to return to this Wendy’s whenever I’m jonesing for an old fashioned burger.



4 Responses to First Days in the Philippines

  1. Yuh Dorothy says:

    Hi Matt, I love to read what you write. It’s fascinating to know what’s going on in other parts of the world. People say Philippines has the best Mango and coconut. Did you try some? Keep up with your good work!

    • tragicdreams says:

      There are many American fast food and restaurants in the Philippines. Most of them are usually in the malls – Burger King, Carl’s Jr, Taco Bell’s, TGIF, Outback, etc.
      Yes, you need to try Philippine mangoes. Buy those ripe, big yellow mangoes, its very sweet.
      Don’t forget to check out the beaches in Boracay and in Palawan while you’re there.

      • Matt Hill says:

        Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out next time I’m at a mall..and pick up some mangoes next time I’m at a supermarket

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