Need a break?

Hi everyone! I’m Emily and it’s my first time blogging here for Wake County. This week, my friends and I have all been busy studying for tests. Since everyone has been busy, I’m thinking that this weekend is the perfect opportunity to relax a little. Check out my three ideas and be sure to share anything you have!1) FOOD!

-Getting food is always a good way to relax. Either if it’s with your family or friends, good (and maybe unhealthy) food always soothes! If there isn’t any time to sit down for a dinner, a quick dessert works, too. I am pathologically addicted to ice cream, so someone like me would hit up Coldstone’s, Rita’s, or Goodberry’s.

2) Eye candy

-Another great way to chill out is watching a movie. Whether if you rent or go out, sitting down to watch to watch a movie for two hours is a great way to bring you to another world. Since I’m a big Marvel fan, I’m anticipating Iron Man 2. What films are you itching to see?

3) Loitering

-Not that kind of loitering! I mean just hanging out. Going out to shop or look around will take your mind off certain stressful things. Instead of just going to the mall (which can be utterly tempting if you are on a budget) try shopping in downtown or vintage shops. Another great place is the flea market or farmer’s market. I went to the farmer’s market last weekend with my family. We had some candy and $1 soda (that comes in a super retro glass bottle) and had a good time, just looking at vegetables.

Those are three ideas on how you can wind down after exams. Also, don’t forget that this Sunday is Mother’s Day! Besides the usual gift and card, consider taking your mom out to relax and have fun along with you is a great way to spend quality time. Share some of the great ideas you have!


3 Responses to Need a break?

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    I think taking a walk outside makes a great break.

  2. Emily Ruth says:

    great ideas! –I’m excited to see the new robin hood 🙂

    I like spending a little play time with my animals. They always cheer me up on stressful days.

  3. This weekend is Artsplosure at Moore Square in Raleigh. It’s a great fun! Look at their website:

    Other idea – a hike at a park or playing tennis

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