All about me…

Emma, who is that? She is 14 years old, and she was born on a Monday. She is 5’4 and weighs 101 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. Her favorite songs at the moment are What Do You Want from Me by Adam Lambert and All the Right Moves by OneRepublic. She loves the Amazing Race and was mad when Jet and Cord didn’t win. She lives in a Gray and White house with a black roof. But who is Emma?

She is a daughter, a teenager, a friend, and a student. She loves her family of three and her friends like they were her sisters. She wonders about high school like most people do at her age. She can’t wait till summer when she can wear what she wants and wake up at whatever time she wants. She can go up to NJ and just be with her friends, she can swim in the freezing cold pool and she can walk up and down the beach with her friends stealing popcorn from the friends that have braces and are “not allowed to eat popcorn”.

But is this really Emma? No this is what Emma likes. Emma is funny, smart, caring, loving, picky, moody, argumentative and friendly. I am who I want to be and I want to be who I am. That, is Emma.


One Response to All about me…

  1. emyemoemu says:

    Hi Emma! I’m Emily. Nice to meet you. What’s super cool is that our names are similar and this summer, I’m going to NJ, too! 🙂

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