What is this FIFA thing?

A look at all of the songs written by Korean music groups for the World Cup:

If it makes you feel any better, I filled out my bracket this year for the first time based entirely on pretty names and a random number generator on my calculator. Pleasedon’thurtme.

If you can’t tell, I don’t know anything about sports. Soccer? Football? (Especially football.) Basketball, tennis, anything? Yeah I don’t know a thing. So maybe that’s why I feel like I’m missing something big…

Alright yes I admit that I shouldn’t be surprised by this. South Korea is currently the only country I know of that has their idol groups release entire songs devoted to advertising things after all…Lollipop by 2NE1 and Big Bang, Lollipop 2 by Big Bang, Cooky by SNSD, Chocolate Love by SNSD and f(x)………and well, after I saw they shot what, 11 commercials and recorded a song just to advertise SNSD’s Gubne Calendar, I didn’t think anything would take me by surprise anymore. Mmmm commercials are srs business…

But then two singles were released in honor of the World Cup…more specifically, in honor of supporting Korea in the World Cup. They were We Are The One by T-ara and We’re With You by Kara. If you can’t tell, me, sports, and caring really don’t mix, so I believe my thoughts went something along the lines of this: LAWL sports intruding on my kpop, idc, cheerleaders, and that chick stole Sunny’s hair from Oh! (and the cheerleader concept)…

Then (or maybe I’m out of chronological order) HAM released We Are One, which is apparently the theme of the national team, and tbh I didn’t even really register this one because I still don’t really know who HAM is. That’s ok. At this point I was still kinda flittering along because I was kinda like “wow they take their soccer seriously :O” and left it at that.

Big Bang joins the party with The Shouts Of Reds Part 2 with Kim Yuna (!!!) and Trans Fixion. I registered this as “the pretty skater girl with Big Bang~! *0*” and “SEUNGRI *grabby hands*”. At this point I was like This World Cup thing is srs business but…nope, still not caring too much, besides the fact that it was getting me a lot of nice new music.

Next is After School with Dreams Again, and I happen to really really like After School after Because of You and When I Fall, so this FIFA thing is kind of becoming interesting to me. The One Day also joins in, with 2AM releasing No. 1 and 2PM releasing What’s Your Celebration? That’s what, 7 songs already? I’m intrigued. But what pretty much made me finally get un-lazy enough to start poking around (and to write this blog post) was that Super Junior released Victory Korea. I won’t detail all my thoughts because this is the only MV I actually watched all the way through, but let’s just say it involved a lot of “Yesung looks good for once”, “Shindong’s wearing a flag cape…”, “SUNGMIN SASDKFKDHGJG~!!!!”, and “omg sorry sorry lol”. Mostly incoherency though…

That’s 8 songs that I’m aware of released in honor of supporting Korea’s World Cup team. I’m clueless. All I know so far is that it’s soccer and in South Africa this year…this is the first time I’ve seen so many idol groups release MVs and entire songs for an event like this…maybe I’m just late or something, but I must be missing out on something important, right? But personally I think that’s really cool, having so many very famous people supporting the entire country and team in such a (I guess) big international event.

Now I’m just waiting on an SNSD song, maybe C.N.Blue, 4minute, and 2NE1. Oh, and f(x). Definitely. Then my life will be totally complete.

Also could someone explain FIFA to me? :O


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