New Country??

Man, time sure flies.  Not just when you’re having fun, but when you’re not paying attention.  All my friends back home are done with high school already and are soon heading off to different parts of the country for college to start a new chapter of their lives.

I’ve learned so much from my travels so far. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering doing the same, or even studying abroad in college.  Unfortunately I can’t really describe in word what it is exactly that I have learned here in Asia.  Really it’s just experiencing what it’s like to be all alone in a foreign country, to plan out how much money you can spend every week so you don’t starve, and to see people living in the streets, dressed in rags. It’s also booking your own flights and dealing with your visa, figuring out how to communicate with locals, communicating with your family back at home, and finding your way around a big city.  These kinds of things change you, and they change your perspective on life in general.  For example, since coming here I have learned to really appreciate my Mom’s home cooked meals, as being short on money forces one to revert to living off of canned tuna for stretches at a time.

Something I always dread is leaving a country to a new one.  This isn’t because of all the flight/visa preparation and the packing, but it’s because I have to leave all of the friends I made in the previous country, probably never to see them again.  I mentioned my friends at home heading off to college earlier in the text because it reminds me a lot of this situation;  people who have grown close over time eventually having to go their separate ways.  It’s something I don’t think I will ever become accustomed to.

Woah this is getting kind of somber.  I hope I’m not bumming anyone out or putting you off to the idea of traveling.  It has truly been an amazing and life changing journey, and anyone fortunate enough to be able to experience it will be in for a memorable adventure.

Anyways, with all this said, I have an announcement.  I am leaving the Philippines shortly for my next stop, Singapore!  Now the plan is for me to stay in Singapore right up until I need to be back in the States to attend college in the Fall.  So I’ll be there approximately 2 months.  Now I realize I didn’t make that many posts in the Philippines, but that is mostly because I found it strikingly similar to Thailand.  I have heard some good things about Singapore, and hopefully I will find a lot more to write about there.


You didn’t think I’d let you guys off that easy did you? I’ve still got a little time before I leave Manila, and there is still one things that I’ve been meaning to write about before I left.  Spoiler: It’s a mall of some sort.  And its very big, probably one of the biggest in all of Asia.  So be looking for that very soon.  After that, it’s off to Singapore!



2 Responses to New Country??

  1. sunzb says:

    dog this is some deep reading.
    touched my heart man.
    i miss ya dog. cant wait till you get back

  2. Matt Hill says:

    man, thanks. i dont know why, but for some reason i knew you would really read and appreciate these words. its why you your my bro. see you soon!

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