A New Blogger and An Art History Story

Hey everyone. I’m Karina, and am a new blogger on this here library blog. I’ve procrastinated writing this a lot, so I’ll make up for it with a plethora of posts. I’m seventeen, and just got out of school today and am really excited to be a proto-senior. I’m also going to France with an exchange program in ten days, and will be sure to blog about that. I have lot of eclectic interests I’ll probably be writing about, including sword fighting. Yes, my hobby is sword fighting, But I will write more about this in a later post. For the most part, I am a reader and a writer, and will definitely blog about good books and writing. I also really enjoy folklore and urban legends and interesting stories, whether true or not. Now, the fun part, where you stop reading about me and get to read something amusing. Okay, not quite yet, because I have to make a disclaimer. I recently finished a year long AP Art History course, and although that may sound boring to you, I learned more in that class then I have in all of high school. About nearly everything imaginable. That being said, there are a lot of interesting “art history stories” as I call them about artists or art and their secrets. Here is one now.

You know those fangirls? Or fanboys? The ones whose life dream is to touch the hem of Justin Bieber’s pants or the whatever of one of Lady Gaga’s outfits? Well, Claude Monet was one of those, way back at the end of the nineteenth century. He was your average every day celebrity stalker. His “victim” was a relatively famous painter (although he is not very well-known currently) named Gustave Courbet. Gustave Courbet, and other painters of the realist movement, often did their preliminary sketches and occasionally even paintings in the forest of Fontainebleau. Claude Monet and one of his buddies from art school would follow these artists, and especially Courbet, into the forest and watch them work. They even followed Courbet to the cafés where he ate. This was taking it a bit too far, since Courbet was annoyed at being trailed daily by a couple of teenagers and eventually told them to get lost. So poor Claude had to move on to stalking another painter, Edouard Manet. He was much more successful here, as Manet was “the” painter of the time and nearly everyone in the art world was stalking him. The funny thing is, Courbet actually became good friends with Monet after the awkward fifteen year old stalker got famous, and is known to have visited him in his studio.


3 Responses to A New Blogger and An Art History Story

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    wow, art history celebrity stalkers, eh? I loved my art history class.

  2. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    Anyone been to the renovated art museum?

  3. Andrea says:

    It’s great – a nice space and lots of interesting art work. The outdoor area is peaceful too!

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