Finally, time for the last country before I return home, Singapore! First let me just say that I have actually been wanting to come to Singapore for a really long time, as I have heard some amazing things about it from various friends.  Everyone I asked told me that Singapore is an amazing place and that I absolutely must swing through before I return to the US.  And so far, what I have seen since coming here lives up to all my expectations.

Alright so after arriving in Singapore and taking care of some business at the airport, I got a cab to take me to my apartment.  First thing I noticed was how nice and spacious the cab was.  OK I’ll say it: I’m a big guy. I take up a lot of space.  And no offense to Filipino cab drivers, but I hated riding in those tiny, cramped white cars.  From what I’ve seen so far all the cabs here in Singapore are like this.  They also have screens at the front saying what time you started your trip, how far you’ve traveled, and how much money you owe.  However, such niceties come at a price; but more on that in a bit.

Meanwhile, outside of the cab, I noticed how much plant life there is.  Big, beautiful trees lined the road, and it just strikes me how green Singapore is compared to the other cities I have visited on my trip.  It actually reminds me a bit of good ol’ NC. I also caught a glimpse of the harbor upon nearing my apartment; seeing the blue of the water, the green of the trees and the grey-white of the buildings together in one scene was quite an interesting sight.

A shot of a ship docked in the harbor. Maybe it's because I've never been on a cruise before, but I thought it was so interesting to see so many ships just chilling in the harbor

Now for the down side of all this.  Everything in Singapore is so expensive!  Ok well obviously compared to prices in the US it’s not bad at all, but after living in countries such as Thailand and the Philippines for the past few months where everything is unbelievably cheap I’m sad to be spending so much money on things.  What kind of things? All things, from transportation to food and clothing.  Getting from the airport to my place was a 20 dollar cab ride.  Granted, it was 20 Singa-dollars, but thats still 14 USD.  It’s obvious that I wont be relying on taxis to get around town like in Manila, I’ll have to find an alternative means of transportation here fairly soon.

A fountain in front of Vivo City, a huge shopping complex near my apartment. I guess this young child is charging in for a morning bath

Well that’s all for now folks, I’m going to be trying to take some more pictures for my next post so you can see what it’s like in this amazing country



One Response to S-S-S-Singapore

  1. Yuh Dorothy says:

    Wow! It sounds like a very different country from others in the Asia. I wonder about what languages people use and food they eat. I heard you can’t find chewing gums there, is it true?

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