So weird it’s cool

Recently I have been so busy with finals and end-of-the-school-year parties I had no time to blog! But last Wednesday I did get to spend some downtime with a few friends. One of them started talking about a piece of furniture she saw at a thrift store, and described it as “kitschy.” What the heck is kitsch?!

Well, we learned it’s basically something that’s really weird and dorky but because of the dorkiness, it is deemed awesome. Like macramĂ© owl hangings, lawn flamingos, and garden gnomes. And then the girl that introduced to kitsch pointed to me and said, “Yeah, like the stuff you wear is pretty kitschy.” Um, thanks? I didn’t exactly realize that wearing fringed owl necklaces and granny prints made me dorky-chic. But I guess it’s something trendy, so I won’t really worry about people on the street screaming at me, “HEY, GRANDMA! It’s the 21st century!” right now.

Here are some weird/cute/cool/funny/quirky items that are deemed kitschy:

Totally worth-whale bag from

Ice cream lamp from

Darth Vader alarm clock from Urban Outfitters

What do you think about this trend? Is it too weird or do you think it’s actually cute?


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