Art Museum in Chicago

So, since I was in Chicago a week ago, I decided to try doing something new (and educational) in my free time. I decided to either check out the science or art museum, and I ended up choosing the art museum because of recommendations from friends. I went to the Art Institute of Chicago and ended up LOVING it. I already had an interest in art, so I went in with an open mind.

As I saw the first display (of modern and contemporary art), I felt like I could stare at each painting for hours, just trying to understand what the artist was trying to convey. The interesting shapes and colors assured that the art never gets boring, and in this section of the museum, I am sure that there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Since the museum is so large, I did not have enough time to visit every exhibit, but I did get to see some amazing classic pieces, like Pablo Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist” and Claude Monet’s “Water Lillies” and “Iris”.

Water Lillies

Water Lillies

The Old Guitarist


Next, I visited the Indian and Muslim Art Exhibition (since I am Indian). I took some pictures with my phone (hence the quality). The first picture is a sculpture of a god, Ganesha, and the exquisite details really caught my attention and made me take the picture. The next picture is of Islamic art, and I found the colors and patterns interesting (even though I do not know what they mean).


Islamic Art

After this, I visited my last exhibition – the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek art. I found the Egyptian art very interesting because the colors were still so strong even though most of the art was extremely old, and because a lot of the art actually depicted Egyptian lifestyle.

Below are some examples of the Egyptian art –

Finally, here are some examples of Greek and Roman art –

If you are visiting Chicago anytime soon, I hope that this will help you choose a great way to spend your time there! Some other great attractions in downtown Chicago are the Water Tower Mall, the AT&T Cloud Gate, and the Chicago Skydeck.


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  1. Looks to be a great art exhibit!

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