Tennis is the eighth wonder of the world! You chase a neon yellow ball smaller than your fist all over a court and swing at it with a racket almost as long as your arm. Who could possibly have fun doing that? Well, for one, I could.

My aunt Janise gave me two of her old tennis rackets one day and three years later I grabbed them and headed to my local tennis court (the court is at my high school and free for anyone to use when school isn’t in session). I started playing singles with my mom, which is when two people play against each other rather than partners playing against partners (for which you use a larger portion of the court). About a week after we start playing we figured out three things:  don’t buy your balls at Harris Teeter (because they are a grocery store they are usually under stocked and sell balls for over $2 each), don’t play in the summer mornings unless you want heatstroke, and read the rules… first.

I had discovered my favorite way of hitting the ball, slamming it against my side of the court and watching it sail over the net, even after I found it was not a legal move, I can’t stop hitting the ball down. Also I had to modify my serve by about, well I had to do it a whole new way. Just in case you ever want to start playing tennis (which I highly recommend) here are some pointers…

The three main rules of (singles) tennis:

  1. Serve the ball from the right side of your court into the opposite upper side of your opponent’s side.
  2. Don’t let the ball A. bounce more than once on your side or B. hit a permanent object.
  3. Like every game on the face of earth Have Fun!

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