Southeast Regional Reads: Sold

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Sold by Patricia McCormick

This novel is set in rural area of Nepal and a 13 year old girl named Lakishma is trafficked by her stepfather. Her owner sells her into India which leaves her with no hope in escaping. While trapped she is raped and beaten in order to make money for her “aunty”. She makes friends with the group of girls staying there and these friendships help her survive before they escape with the help of an American. An awesome read that explores the side of human trafficking.

Teen Reviewer: Jasmine, Southgate Library


One Response to Southeast Regional Reads: Sold

  1. Sirisha says:

    I remember reading “SOLD” as well. I really liked the way that the author was describing how she felt, and I could really feel her pain. I feel so bad to what happened to her…and i really applaud the author in describing it so well.

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