Eva Perry Regional Library Reads: A Cricket In Times Square

*This blog post got Evelyn a ticket in the prize drawing for our Teen Summer Contest. Click here to find out how to enter!*

A Cricket In Times Square by George Selden

“A cricket in times square” is a delightful children’s book by George Selden displaying the themes of trust and the true meaning of friendship.It is the story of a boy named Mario and his pet cricket. Chester (the cricket) has a remarkable talent for chirping to familiar tunes and eventually plays daily for huge crowds at the family newsstand.Chester’s friends Harry cat and tucker the mouse stick with him through every challenge that comes their way.Mario’s trust must be regained after Chester eats a dollar bill in his sleep and later accidentally starts a small fire.woven throughout this charming tale are threads of forgiveness, friendship and an unexpected ending.In conclusion,”A cricket in time’s square” is a heart-warming story that’s a classic for the entire family.

Teen Reviewer: Evelyn H., Eva Perry Regional Library


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