West Regional Library Reads: Tentacles

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Tentacles by Roland Smith

This book has been written by the renowned author Roland Smith. It is about two cousins named Grace and Marty, who live with Grace’s father Travis Wolfe. They are on a quest to capture a giant squid alive using state-of-the-art technology. Unknown to them, Grace’s grandfather, the evil Noah Blackwood, has sent his right hand man Butch to stow away onto the ship being used to capture the giant squid and kidnap Grace. Noah wants Grace in his custody and Wolfe dead, and will stop at nothing to do it. Will Grace be separated from her cousin and her father and be in the hands of her evil grandfather? Or will they get caught in the tentacles of a giant squid?
This book is a stunning sequel to the book Cryptid Hunters. It captures all the elements of the previous book and adds on to it. There is suspense, humor, action, technology, and more. The best part is the giant squid capture. Until you finish it, you will be glued down to the edge of your seat reading at the speed of light. Overall, this book is a 10 out of 10.

Teen Reviewer: Cheenu, West Regional Library


2 Responses to West Regional Library Reads: Tentacles

  1. Sirisha says:

    wow…thats pretty cool….i kinda wanna read the book…what would u rate it?

  2. Cheenu says:

    i really recommend it…make sure to read this book and the first one as well! (Cryptid Hunters)

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