Hooray For Larry’s Beans!

Larry's BeansI don’t know what I’d do without coffee.  I wouldn’t call it an addiction, really.  Maybe more of a close relationship.  This relationship began when I was in high school — a place where many of you are today (well, not ACTUALLY today, unless you’re taking summer classes!  But, you know what I mean, right?).

Back in the 1990s, when I was attending high school, we (Americans, teenagers) didn’t know much or care much about where our coffee came from, who grew it, if pesticides were used, whether or not the growers got paid a fair price for it, what the working conditions were like for the growers and the people who worked for them.  Times, though, have changed.  One thing I love about teens these days (yes, you guys and girls!) is that they really do think about issues like these.  These are issues that are more and more important as we try to figure out the best, healthiest, fairest way for the food we eat to be grown and consumed!

Enter Larry’s Beans (this post is about coffee, remember?)!  Larry’s Beans is a local business that sells and promotes fair-trade and organic coffee.  Even better, they promote economic justice, sustainability and environmental consciousness!  You may have seen thier delivery vehicles around town — these run on used vegetable oil!  Their website has a link to Sustainability School, which offers tips on how we can all be better stewards of the earth from shopping locally to recycling to reusing things we already have access to.

Oh yeah, the coffee, right?  It’s amazingly good!  And it comes in all sorts of roasts and special blends.  AND!  One lucky teen who participates in the summer reading contest at Cameron Village Library will win a $50 gift certificate to purchase said delicious coffee and other coffee accoutrements from Larry’s Beans this year.  We are so very grateful to Larry’s Beans for being an awesome prize sponsor this summer!

I would encourage teens who use more than one Wake County Public Libraries branch to consider coming to an event at Cameron Village Library, or stopping by to enroll in the summer reading contest here, so you can earn a chance at winning this terrific prize!  Mmmmm… think about it… coffee!!

~Katy @ Cameron Village Library


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