West Regional Reads: Airhead

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Airhead by Meg Cabot

Airhead is the 1st book in the Airhead series.  It’s a fantastic book!  It is about a 17 year old girl named Emerson who goes by Em.  Em is tomboy unlike her younger sister Frida who is always spotted in the latest trends.  Frida is ashamed to even be seen with her. Em has huge crush on her best friend Christopher who doesnt even seem to realize she’s a girl.  Then one day, Frida goes with Em and Christopher to a Stark MegaStore opening.  Supermodel Nikki Howard and singer/songwriter Gabriel Luna are spotted there.  Then something tragic happens.  A man shot a plasma screen tv with a paintball gun which is right above Frida!  To save her, Em quickly pushes her out of the way, and takes the hit herself.  But at the same time, Nikki Howard was hit herself.  At the hospital, Em wakes up and finds herself in Nikki’s body.  Her brain had been transplanted into Nikki’s body, and Nikki’s brain was disposed of.  Em Watts was reported dead, but her brain was in Nikki’s body!  Em’s body was buried, and soon Em found herself in a threatening contract from Stark, in order for Em to live, she would have pull off being THE Nikki Howard for the rest of her life.  How does Em’s family cope?  What about Christopher?  How was Em supposed to learn to be Nikki Howard?  You’ll find the answers in Airhead.
~Teen Reviewer: Sinthia, Morrisville

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  1. Makeda Phoenix says:

    OMG congrats Sinthia!

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