Eva Perry Library Reads: Sanctuary

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Sanctuary by Beverly Lewis

If you’re looking for a suspenseful, exciting, and tenderhearted book, you must read Sanctuary by Beverly and David Lewis. It is the story of a young newlywed lady named Melissa James living peacefully in Connecticut. Soon she has to leave her home when a dark secret emerges from her past. Even most of her closest friends, including her husband, are clearly baffled at her disappearance. Who or what could be the reason for her flight?
In the story, Melissa stays at a kind Mennonite woman’s house and finds safety–until she discovers a shocking revelation. (The book does, however, have a happy ending.) 🙂 The themes of love, redemption, and peace that is found only in God’s grace are expertly tied together in this extraordinary novel. Read it today– you really won’t be able to put it down!

Teen Reviewer: Greta, Eva Perry Library


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