Greetings from the land of diners, guidos, and gas attendants

I’ve been in New Jersey since June 20th, and I’d like everyone to know how awesome (contrary to popular belief) this place is. It’s not home (no Bojangle’s, Harris Teeter, Cookout…etc.), but it has my favorite cousins, no tax on necessities such as food and clothing, and the above mentioned diners, guidos, and gas attendants.

Every year I go to NJ to visit my cousins and friends (that I have met from visits to NJ after moving to NC in 1994), and I consider it my favorite summer trip. This year, I’ve gone to the beach (aka ‘the Jersey shore’) twice, ate a ‘fat sandwich’ at the famous Grease trucks on Rutgers campus (Wikipedia link here!), and have NOT paid tax on clothing/food 5+ times. That’s right, my cousin and I got these matching Mr. Bean t-shirts for $9.99, not $10.68!:

Can I get a fist pump? No? Okay…moving on.

It’s a pretty interesting feeling being in a new environment. It’s still America, but things are different. Did I mention that you don’t even have to pump your own gas? Besides the new and unusual things I’ve been up to, I’ve also finished the first season of Big Bang Theory. Sounds like a good summer so far!

Hope all of your summers have been fun sunshine-y. Be sure to tell me about it!


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