Cameron Village Library Reads: Marked

*This blog post got Makeda a ticket in the prize drawing for our Teen Summer Contest. Click here to find out how to enter!*

Marked by P.C. Cast

Marked is the first book in the House of Night book series. It is about a girl named Zoey who lives in a world where vampyres (yes, they spell it with a “y” instead of an “i”) have always existed.  One day while Zoey is at school with her best friend Kayla after-hours when a mysterious man walks up and bonks Zoey on the head. When she awakens she has a blue outline of a crescent moon on her forehead. The mark of a vampyre fledgling. Now she must pack up everything and move to the House of Night, a boarding school for teens who are turning into adult vampyres. But not everybody survives to make the change. And if you don’t you get very ill. On top of that, Zoey is not ordinary fledgling. She has an affinity for 5 elements- fire, water, air, earth and spirit. When she realizes that the leader of the schools most elite group, the dark daughters, is using her special gifts for evil and selfishness, she must look inside of herself to find the bravery it takes to follow her destiny and save the school.

Teen Reviewer: Makeda, age 12, Cameron Village Library


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