First Ever Blog. Eeeeep.

Hi everyone! I’m sj324. Nice to meet you! This is my first time blogging, so I’m a bit anxious and excited. Hehe. Sorry about that weird onomatopoeia in the title. I recently watched “Despicable Me”, and I’m totally in love with those little yellow ‘minions’ that speak in gibberish. (Look forward to a highly-supportive review of that movie from me in the near future.)

Anyways, so just a few bits of info about me. . .I’m a rising junior– YAY. Oh, how rejuvenating it feels to be an almost-upperclassman! I just LOVE saying it. “Oh, I’m a rising junior.” “Yes, I’ll be in the eleventh grade this fall.” Haha. I love to read books and watch lots of TV and movies, I love amusement parks, I love buying weird clothes just to see if I can make a cute outfit out of it somehow. I love laughter (You’ll see me typing ‘Haha’ a lottt…) and making people laugh. And obviously, I love to talk. So I hope you find this (and future blog posts) entertaining, if not informative!

One more thing: I love to travel! Yup, I finally made it onto the blog scene after a hectic but awesome vacation over the past month. I went to India, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Whooo. The last three countries, we managed within ten days.. A lot of sightseeing. It was a great experience, though. Hope to share some anecdotes about my adventures here soon.


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