West Regional Library Reads: Fresh Off The Boat

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Fresh off the Boat by Melissa De la Cruz

This book was a quick read, but gave none of the things it promised. Vicenza, upon immediately arriving to her all girls private school in which she has an academic scholarship to, is labeled as “Fresh off the boat”.  Vicenza, whose family used to be undeniably rich, after one wrong investment, have come to America for a fresh new start.  But Vicenza find herself at the mercy of Whitney, the most popular girl in the school, who seems insistent of torturing her. Vicenza bonds with Isabel, a French student, after both secretly crushing on Claude, a student who has to share classes with them after an all boy school nearby has to go coed temporarily because of an accident. They believe he looks like Toby Maguire.  But with family struggles, money struggles, school struggles, and even boy struggles, Vicenza must find out who she really is.  I felt this book was boring, and very cliche, and VERY predictable.  This book tries to identify with normal girls, but does a poor job of it, and felt like a torture to read.  It explain emotions terribly, and got to the point where the author decided to pop in random surprises on every page.  This book had a great plotline, but the author did a poor job of writing it.

-Teen Reviewer: Divya R., West Regional Library


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