Singapore: Artificial Beaches

Although the Philippines and Thailand are both very well know for their beaches, Singapore has its share of them as

Some ships floating out at sea near the beach.

well.  Last week I decided to take a bus to a rather famous local beach, know as Sentosa.  Well actually it’s called Resort World Sentosa, and in addition to the beach, it is also a hotel, casino and Universal Studios theme park, but I didn’t visit any of those other things. The beach itself is quite large so I was only able to see a bit of it, but the area  that I visited was really nice.  Many restaurants and bars line the beach (the food and drink was quite pricey though, as I recall), and towards the end there was a large area set aside just for people who want to play some beach volleyball or throw some frisbee.  I thought there would be a lot of tourists there, but actually most of the people lounging about were locals.  

Also, I noticed that Sentosa is kept very clean, much like the rest of Singapore.  I didn’t see and trash laying around on the beach or anything, just clean white sand.  From what I saw in Thailand the nicer, more famous beaches and Islands were kept very clean, but the smaller local ones were neglected.

There are also several islands just off the coast. I actually swam to one of the closer ones

Sentosa beach does have it’s drawbacks though.  It is actually a man-made beach, so the sand is quite coarse (as I discovered after a few rounds of american football).  And as I mentioned before, the price of the food is very pricey, but I suppose that is to be expected at such a famous tourist attraction.

I am planning a trip to the Botanical Gardens here in Singapore sometime in the near future, so hopefully I can get some good photos that I can share with you all!


P.S. I am heading home soon! As it stands, I plan to fly out of Singapore on the 28th, and stop over in Minnesota for several days to visit some relatives.  That won’t mean the end of my posts though, as I still have a lot of pictures to cover (some of which I am still waiting for my friends to send to me!)


One Response to Singapore: Artificial Beaches

  1. bookjunkie says:

    your posts are so interesting…can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures on Singapore. It’s great to get a new perspective on things.

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