Illegal Durians

I’ve noticed the wildlife here in Singapore is a little strange.  Obviously in the big city there aren’t going to be many animals crawling about, but the ones that are seem to have adapted to city life much as I have.  There are these little black birds that I see everywhere…they seem to prefer land travel to air travel.  Now I don’t think this is too

The aforementioned bird.

uncommon, I always imagined in NY the pigeons have grown so accustomed to people that they don’t bother flying for short distance commutes.  But these birds here don’t walk, they hop. Like kangaroos. I mean seriously, watching one of these things move around on the ground is hilarious (well, to me at least), since they jump a height several times their own.

Anyways, I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with what a durian is, but it is an exotic fruit indigenous to southeast Asia.  Its got an interesting appearance (it looks like a spiky ball) and a notoriously distinct smell.  Apparently to some it smells really nice, while other find it too strong and overpowering.  Either way, the smell of the meat is strong enough to penetrate the skin of the fruit even if the skin it intact.  This causes a bit of friction between durian-lovers and durian-haters, as the durian-lovers need to find a way to transport their goods home without offending the masses.

No smoking, eating/drinking, flammable goods, or durians on the subway

A durian, in the flesh


4 Responses to Illegal Durians

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    What is the name of the bird? I would like to see a video of the hopping.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    those little birds are everywhere. They seem to be really used to oily hawker food too!

  3. Matt Hill says:

    im not so sure of the name of the bird, but like bookjunkie says they are very common here. unfortunately i dont have time to get a video of them, my flight leaves in 5 hours!

  4. Wizeria says:

    ahaha, i would have loved to see those birds too. i’ve had durians before…my grandmother is one of the few people i know who love it. i myself am on of the “dislikers of durian.” (: love the subway sign! very interesting!

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