West Regional Library Reads: The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I read THE LIGHTNING THIEF this week. This is the first [in the] series. This book is about a normal kid Percy Jackson, who attends school but gets in trouble by getting in fights to defend his friend Grover. Grover is a satyr and Mrs. Dodds is Percy’s teacher who is really a monster from underworld whos is sent to kill Percy. Mr.Brunnan, a half human son of a Greek God and a mortal human protects Percy by handing him a sword called the Riptide to defend himself with. After that Percy ‘s life is in danger. His mom and Grover must get Percy in Camp Half-Blood. In this camp he meets the camp director Mr.Brunnan and the helper Mr.Dionysas. He meets a lot of new people and Annabeth who helps him to recover from his fight against the Minotaur.  Mr. Brunnan sends [him] on a quest to find the thief who stole Zeus’s Lightning Bolt before a war breaks out between  Zeus and Poseidon, Percy’s dad. Percy is given ten days to find the thief. The main suspect from Zeus’s point of view is Percy Jackson. I really read this book, it’s so awesome.

~Teen Reviewer: Kaviya, West Regional Library


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