Holly Springs Reads: Princess Diaries Extravaganza!

Curious about Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series? Check out these mini reviews for a taste of what they’re like!

The Princess Diaries: This is one of the best dairies I’ve ever read. Its extremely cute and funny. The writing is very “authentically teenage”, and very entertaining and well written. The main character, Mia, seemed like a typical teenage girl, which makes her easy to relate to. It will leave you wishing, just a bit that you were in her “five foot nine, flat-chested, freak of the school” Doc Marten shoes. A great book!

Princess in the Spotlight: It’s pretty obvious that Mia doesn’t really enjoy being the princess of Genovia. I mean it’s pretty stressful for any 14-year-old. She has to take Princess lessons, have a body guard follow her around and one day she has to inherit the throne of a country she’s only visited. This book was as great as the first “diary”. Its very funny, and entertaining. Mia still has her charm and wit. She is still very realistic, and easy to relate to. An awesome book.

Princess in Love: 15-year-old Princess Mia Thermopolis is back once more in her third hilirous diary of her life! Mia is still her old self with her sassy and funny humor which makes you laugh out loud. Any teenager will relate to the feelings of Mia. This book has all the things you need if you are into romance and comedy. Mia’s hilarious diary entries are sure to make you laugh and are really entertaining.

Party Princess: Its funny, smart, and still Mia! The story is interesting and funny, and Mia as a character shows some new maturity! Meg Cabot writes this the same way that teenagers think, making the idea of a princess living an almost fairy-tale life realistic. I really loved this book. Its not just for teens. I think adults would enjoy it, to! The book is adorable and hilarious, romantic and actually dramatic– it’s just a fun, easy read!
Princess Present: This book was GREAT! It takes place at Christmas time which makes it a perfect holiday book. Every page has something to make you laugh. There are even some mentions of real royals which are really good (imagine this: Prince William snapping pictures with his cell phone camera in order to blackmail a certain relative)! In my opinion this was probably the best one out of all of the little stories. A real nice holiday read.

Princess in Pink: Mia acts a bit shallow, which was an unexpected and unwanted change for the normal character. The entire book is based on Mia’s need to be asked out for the prom, by her new boyfriend Michael. But other parts were sweet and funny. The only downside of this book is that it truly brings out how self-absorbed Mia is, if it wasn’t already apparent. But then again, this is her diary! Overall, this book is great, and a must read if you like romance, comedy, conflict, and sometimes a little drama.

Perfect Princess: Not as good as Princess Lessons, but still great. From how to eat, talk, stand, make an incredible entrance, or how to wear a tiara, Mia creates another funny page-turner with these hilarious questions of what makes a perfect princess. 
Holiday Princess: This book talks about various holiday customs in countries around the world, with perspectives from all your favorite Princess Diaries characters. A must have for any fan of the Princess Diaries series. There is even a section on Christmas cards, and how to say, “Happy New Year” in a lot of languages. Great holiday book.

Princess Lessons: The book includes a great mix of health, beauty, and clothes, though it should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt, coming as it does from the characters Paolo, Grandmere, and Sebastiano. Still a wonderful guide. A quick read that is both entertaining and enjoyable, but not plot-advancing or groundbreaking. And that’s okay. A fun, quick read.

Princess on the Brink: Ok, So at first you expect this book to have a happy ending, but then the story turns. I was sort of dissappointed with this ending, But I was still glad that Meg makes this story very realistic and the ending wasnt perfect like you would expect.

Teen Reviewer: Deidra from Holly Springs Library


One Response to Holly Springs Reads: Princess Diaries Extravaganza!

  1. emyemoemu says:

    Great mini-reviews, I agree with you on ‘Princess in Pink’-I thought Mia was kind of annoying. 😛
    I LOVE Princess Diaries!

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