Back to School Tips

Hey everyone! I haven’t been able to write a post in what seems like FOREVER (even though it was only about two months), so I’m going to start catching up now. I apologize though; I’ve been out of town all summer.

Well, it’s back to school season (I know, I’m not ready for summer to end either…), and it’s important to be prepared for the school year when it starts. In the past couple of years, I have come up with a few tips to make middle/high school a bit more organized.

1) Find a good planner to help you get started. My recommendation is the Franklin Covey planner, which is a binder-like planner that has removable planning pages so that you can switch them out every year. You can choose your color, style, and size, so it can fit any lifestyle. The binders are a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth it. You only have to buy one binder, since they are very durable and you can switch the pages out every year; you are really spending that much for a couple years of a great planner. I have had my planner for four years now, and it is still in great condition. You do have to buy planning pages separately, but you can even switch them out every couple of months to keep the planner light. I recommend buying the daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages so that you can give yourself a full outline of every day.

2) Your locker is basically your own private space in your school, so might as well make it yours! As a girl, I would recommend putting a body splash or perfume of your choice in. I would also recommend putting a good book or two in your locker, and if your locker is in a corner or any dark area, a locker light is also helpful.

3) Your textbooks might be getting heavier and heavier each year, so carrying them all to every class is probably not the best idea. Instead of bringing them with you, you can leave them on a locker shelf to organize the books in your locker.

4) A lot of schools don’t allow cell phones during classes (I know that mine doesn’t), so you can easily store your cell phone in your locker with a cell phone holder. I couldn’t find a link for one online, but you can easily find them at Staples or any of the office supply stores during back to school season.

Since I am back home now, I am finally going to have time to write a new nail art post. Also, keep an eye out for a post on my trip to India! I hope you guys have an amazing year back at school!

2 Responses to Back to School Tips

  1. emyemoemu says:

    Great tips! I’m kind of sad that school’s starting, but excited at the same time.
    I love tip #1! Besides planning for class reasons, I like to plan ahead by picking out my outfit/what I want for breakfast the night ahead. 🙂

    • serenaa8 says:

      Me too… My school has been in for like half a month now:( so much homeworkk haha
      and thats a really good idea! it could save a lot of time in the morning (something i really need to work on lol)

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