Teens’ Top Ten 2010: Geektastic

Geektastic edited by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci is one of the Teens’ Top Ten Nominations for 2010.
There is something for everyone in this short story collection. I do not know Klingon, and have never been to ComCon but I still laughed out loud at the geeks in these tales. The authors ask the hard hitting questions: what would happen if a Klingon fell in love with a Jedi? In this book, each geek is represented, pocket protector and head gear intact. Are you interested in role-playing, trivia, romance, adventure, programming, sci-fi, comic books, fantasy, realistic fiction or are you a history buff? No matter what your interest, there is something for you in Geektastic.
Some of my favorite authors are represented MT Anderson, Scott Westerfield, Libba Bray, David Levithan and John Green. And each piece in this collection has its own distinct voice. This is perfect for readers who get bored easily – before you have the chance you are already being introduced to the next cast.

Of course not every story spoke to my geek but most of them did. Dino Girl: A teenage girl obsessed with biology and dinosaurs yep I had a friend like that. The Wrath of Dawn: Blind date with a fellow Buffy fan, been there. Quiz Bowl Antichrist: we all know that guy. I would recommend this collection to anyone who has ever felt like the odd ball out. Geeks unite, check out GEEKTASTIC.
To read more about the Teens’ Top Ten, click here .  To request this book from Wake County Public Libraries, click here.  Voting begins August 23, 2010 and ends September 17, 2010.  To vote during these dates, click here.
Reviewed by Megan from Leesville Library.


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