Teens’ Top Ten 2010: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher is one of the Teens’ Top Ten Nominations for 2010.

There is a place where time has been purposely stopped to try and maintain a peaceful culture.  As a result, invention and truth have been stunted. In another dimension, technology has started to rule on its own lording over the human life it controls. These two contrasting worlds are born of each other.

Both main characters are trapped. One is heading towards an arranged marriage and queendom, while the other is trying desperately to escape his war-torn surroundings.

In this SciFi dystopia, the author explores technology and our relationship to it.  Has human nature or technology created these two extreme worlds?

I enjoyed learning about each culture and the action and adventure in this book. However be warned this is only the first book in the series. It was a pleasure to read this title, but I am inevitably hooked and now must wait in agony for the next one.
To read more about the Teens’ Top Ten, click here.  To request this book from Wake County Public Libraries, click here.  Voting begins August 23, 2010 and ends September 17, 2010.  To vote during these dates, click here.
Reviewed by Megan from Leesville Library


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