Nail Art Tutorial – Black with Pink and White Dots

Hey everyone! As promised, here is a new nail art tutorial. With school starting up soon, these nails are great way to make a splash on your first day. Best of all, they are easy to do, and you can switch out the colors to match your style. Let’s get started!

First, paint all of your nails with a hydrating base coat. This will protect your nails from the dark black color and will prevent your nails from breaking. I recommend this OPI Hydrator, which can be worn alone or as a base coat. Next, paint all of your nails with a black nail polish. I used a black polish that had a little bit of fine shimmer just to prevent the nails from looking too dark. I used the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black Platinum. It has a little bit of blue and silver glitter in it, so the color looks a lot softer in person than in pictures.

Next, wait for the color to dry completely, and then paint a white french tip on. I recommend using a white with a lot of pigment in it because it will have to show up over the dark color underneath. I used this Stripe Rite Striper Paint because it has a fine tipped brush, so it is very easy to make a precise french manicure. When painting the french tip, feel free to stick french manicure guides on your nails to help make the lines straight (you just stick them on, paint the french tip on, and then peel them off). Since this manicure requires a contrast with two very different colors (black and white), you want the line between the french tip and the black color to be very clear.

Then, wait for the color to dry and paint on a sheer silver glitter on the white part. I used one by China Glaze, but any silver glitter will work just fine. After letting the glitter dry, take a hot pink color of your choice and put a couple globs of it on a paper plate (or anything that can hold nail polish and that you can throw away). You should have something along the lines of a little pool of hot pink nail color. Take out the biggest dotting tool (which is basically a stick with a metal dot at the end) in this set. Dip it into the hot pink nail color and make a couple dots that are evenly spaced on the white part of your nail. Complete this for all of your nails.

Next, make a little “pool” of white nail polish on the same paper plate you used for the hot pink color. The plate looks a little bit like an artist’s easel, doesn’t it? Take one of the smaller dotting tools (I used the one on the opposite end of the largest dotting tool, but for this, a toothpick will also work) and dip it into the white. Dot this white into the center of the hot pink dots you made earlier. Repeat this for all of your fingernails, and then you’re done! You can finish off with a fast drying top coat to help seal the design and to help ensure that it lasts for a long time. I LOVE the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, and it should make your nail design stay on for at least a week.

Feel free to switch any of the colors used to your favorite colors (for example, use green instead of hot pink if you want to). I hope this tutorial helped you guys create this nail design! Also, feel free to comment below if you have questions!:)


4 Responses to Nail Art Tutorial – Black with Pink and White Dots

  1. themefresh says:

    very nice tutorial.. visit back, please.. 🙂

  2. hilly says:

    awesome tips 🙂 thanks Serena

  3. Twitter says:


    […]Nail Art Tutorial – Black with Pink and White Dots « Flip the Switch : Teens aWake[…]…

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