Trip to Broadway in New York

My ideal time to wake up in the summer is not seven, trust me. But it was worth it. After I dragged myself out of bed that morning, I hopped in the shower to wake up, then had delicious French toast made by my Grandma who was taking me on my adventure today. After breakfast I packed my backpack with all the necessities, hand sanitizer, camera, iPod and fully charged cell phone.  I was going to a New York’s Broadway, after all!

The trip to the train station was an hour long, and it was another hour and a half to NYC itself.  I brought my Leven Thumps book with me, and as I read, I listened to songs like I Gotta Feeling by the Black eyed Peas, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga and Love Story by Taylor Swift. Once I got to the NYC train station I put all my things into my purse and headed straight towards the bathroom. After that little detour, we headed outside, and right away, we were immersed in the bustle of NYC. We had plenty of time before the show so we went up to the Empire State Building and saw the entire city; my favorite thing I saw was all the roof top gardens. After that, we had lunch and walked to Broadway!  

The show we saw was a musical called Billy Elliot and it was amazing! The cast was great and all the scenes were played out so you felt like you were right there with Billy Elliot as he worked his way up to being a famous ballerina. The first time I went to Broadway I was 8 and I saw Beauty and the Beast, then saw the huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller center. Going to New York is always a great experience, and if you ever buy a giant salty pretzels make sure you have a drink, the’re WAY to salty!


One Response to Trip to Broadway in New York

  1. emyemoemu says:

    I love New York! The first time I visited, I saw “Hair” in Central Park. Not a good show for an 8th grader, but it was a fun experience in general, haha.

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