Movie Review: Inception

I’m honestly surprised no one has reviewed Inception yet; the only reason I held off on it was because I assumed someone else would. But since it’s been like 3 months since it’s release and no one has reviewed it yet…fair game~

Inception is honestly the best movie I have ever watched, hands down, no questions asked. I know I said Summer Wars was, but I saw it before I saw Inception and Inception blew every other movie I’ve ever seen out of the water. Basically, the movie starts out with Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) performing a job known as extraction. Extraction is going into a chosen victim’s dream (which involves a complicated sort of tool that injects sedative and other stuff into your veins) and getting information, but the mission is sabotaged by Mal (Marion Cotillard). Mal is Cobb’s dead wife and I can honestly say she is the scariest thing in this movie. I think she nearly gave me a heart attack at one point when Ariadne came into the room- I’m getting off topic.

So after their botched mission, Cobb and Arthur get hired by the man that they were attempting extraction on. His name is Saito (Ken Watanabe) and he wants them to perform a different kind of job on a business rival. He wants them to perform something called inception; the act of planting an idea in someone’s mind, a job much harder than simple extraction. After some deliberation they decide to take the job and go about recruiting people to join their team: Yusuf (Dileep Rao) is a chemist who can make strong sedatives and such for them, Eames (Tom Hardy) is a forger who can change his appearance in dreams, and Ariadne (Ellen Page) is their architect who will create the basic structure for their dream worlds.

Stuff happens, they begin their inception, and then everything goes wrong. I don’t wish to spoil this freaking amazing movie for anyone so I’ll have to be very vague, but it involves many layers in a dream and a place called Limbo. This movie threw me for so many loops that I had to leave the theater, sit my friends down, and demand we discuss the movie to figure it out. There is an amazing plot in this movie and in general it was very well done; there was humor and suspense. My personal favorite scene was one in which Arthur (my favorite character from the whole movie, actually) was fighting a subconscious dream projection and ended up in a spinning hallway. A similar scene I also loved involved Arthur using a penrose stair to trap and take out another dream projection. I nearly cheered out loud, it was so cool.


Penrose Stairs


This movie is one I seriously recommend everyone watch. In fact, if you’ve watched it already you should watch it again because it’s just that awesome. I have never been so into a movie before in my life, which isn’t saying much because I almost never watch movies. That’s besides the point. I came out of the theater scratching my head in confusion, only knowing that the movie was freaking amazing. No movie has ever made me start consistently questioning myself on how I got somewhere. If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it.


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