What to Do When You’re Bored

I know that it’s not very often that you get a lot of free time, but when you do, don’t just sit around and be bored! There are tons of things to do! First, of course, do any homework, and then spend some time playing outside. This would also be a great time for community service as well. You can call your friends and see if they want to hang out too. Once you try doing all of these things, another alternative is YouTube. There are tons of great interesting channels, and there is probably one that you will like. I personally enjoy watching makeup and nail tutorials (I don’t really know why, I just think they’re interesting…). Here are some of my favorites if you are interested –

Elle (Allthatglitters21) – Elle does a lot of great makeup and hair tutorials that are pretty interesting to watch. Her videos are usually eyeshadow tutorials, so I would recommend watching her videos if you enjoy applying (or want to learn how to apply) eyeshadow. I personally don’t really wear eyeshadow, but her videos are still really interesting.

Blair (juicystar07) – Blair is by far my favorite beauty vlogger out there; I think her happy and carefree videos are really interesting to watch. Since I don’t have a lot of time, I don’t really get a chance to see all of her videos, but I’ve seen enough to get a sense of who she is, so if you don’t get to visit any other channel on here, I recommend watching some of her videos.

IHaveACupcake – For nail tutorials, I love IHaveACupcake’s videos because the nailsĀ are really easy to do, but look very nice and look AMAZING when they’re done. I also like how all of the nail tutorials are done on natural nails, instead of fake nails.

LOVE4NAILS – I absolutely ADORE this channel. It has tons of great nail tutorials and I’m sure that you can find one that’s interesting to watch/easy to do! Natural nails are used in this channel also, which is another reason why I like it.

MichellePhan – For makeup and hair(mostly makeup), I highly recommend this channel. Michelle Phan has a bunch of great makeup and skincare tips that I would recommend to any girl (even girls that don’t really wear makeup). She does great makeup tutorials for Halloween and some that are perfect for everyday ues. She also does some that are really random (like this Bad Romance look), but interesting to watch.

So, if you ever get a chance, I highly recommend checking these channels out!


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