Book Review: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

We were all disappointed when the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series ended with The Last Olympian. However, he has started a new saga, this time about Egyptian gods. I just finished the first book, The Red Pyramid.

Carter Kane travels the world with his father, an Egyptologist while his sister, Sadie, has been living a “normal teenage life” in London with their grandparents. Both want what the other has, and they are as different as can be. Carter and their father go for their yearly visit on Christmas Eve and head with Sadie to the British Museum. Then he promises, “I’m going to make everything right.”

But nothing seems right after Dr. Kane blows up the Rosetta Stone and is trapped in a golden Egyptian sarcophagus by a fiery man who was apparently summoned by him. And the children are even more confused when a mysterious man turns up and claims that he’s their Uncle Amos, their last hope. Suddenly, Carter and Sadie are swept into a thrilling quest to save the world…and perhaps lose everything that they hold dear.

I still prefer the Percy Jackson series, though Riordan’s well-known humor and his classic skill at storytelling (and another great hook in the beginning of the book, I must say) had me interested until the end. This book is told in two different points of view (Carter’s and Sadie’s), which I always liked because I got a better picture of everything while still taking full advantage of the fact that the points of view are in first person. I’m looking forward to the second book, which Riordan has announced is going to be released the spring of 2011.

Or maybe I like the book because it’s the only thing I can cling to that has a bit of Percy Jackson in it?

Click on the image above or here to reserve The Red Pyramid at your nearest Wake County Public Library. 🙂


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