DIY: Fleece scarf

People usually wait until after Thanksgiving to prepare for the winter holidays, but with school, who knows when we’ll have extra time to shop or make gifts? Here’s a handy craft that will make your gift-giving easier.

No need to pay $20 for a scarf like this!

There are lots of scarves out there, but the scarves I’m showing are all one-of-a-kind. It’s not just a dull scarf made of one piece of fleece. You have many options for the color/print of your scarf and you can also customize the stitching and fringe!  It might take some practice if it’s your first time doing anything requiring sewing, but the end product will be very impressive. For this easy and inexpensive (yet stylish and cozy) scarf, you’ll need:

* 2 pieces of fleece in your choice of pattern and desired length/width (mine is about 5 ft. long and 5 in. wide)

* Fun yarn, ribbon, or thread

* Fabric scissors, seam ripper, large embroidery needle

1) Cut the fabric to the length you desire. It’s more fun if you choose two contrasting patterns, but it all depends on your (or the gift reciever’s) personal style.

2) Now comes the fringe. You have two options: no-sew, or sew.

*For the no-sewing method, cut a fringe along the short edges of both pieces of fabric. You want to make each piece about 1 inch thick, but you can make the fringe as long as you want.

*For the sewing method, skip steps 3-4, and continue on with 5 and read the starred/bolded sections.

3) This is the tricky part! Use the seam ripper to poke a hole through the top of each piece of fringe. *ONLY POKE HOLES IN ONE PIECE OF FABRIC.* In the photo below, notice where the hole is.

4) Line the 2 pieces of fleece together. Push an un-pierced fringe into the hole of the contrasting fabric. It’s a bit tricky, but you can use a pencil to help the fabric go through. Make sure the fringes are all lined up!

5) Using your seam ripper, prepare to sew by punching holes along the long edges of the scarf. Be sure to punch both pieces of fabric, and make them aligned. This will make sewing the yarn or ribbon much easier! (If you’d rather use thread, then you can skip this step because thread is thinner and it can pass through the fabric without unnecessary piercing.)

*If you chose to do a sewed fringe, continue to punch holes around the short edges.

6) Then,  just sew! (If you don’t know how, you might want to ask someone in your family or look it up.) Weave the yarn, ribbon, or thread through the holes.

You have the option to do several stitches such as the simple hem stitch, blanket stitch, cross stitch, etc. In the photo below, I simply hemmed yarn in sewing the plaid scarf and the scarf in the center. But for the scarf on the far right, I used thread. Do you see how on that scarf I did a simple stitch on the left, but a cross stitch on the right? It all depends on what your preference!

*When you’re done sewing the hem, tie pieces of yarn or ribbon through the holes in the short edges to make a cute fringe!

You’re done! Once you’re done with this, you might even want to look up different types of DIY scarves. Best of luck!


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