Book Review: Artemis Fowl – The Atlantis Complex

Artemis Fowl is back…but this time, not only is he battling another fairy criminal, he is also faced with his worst enemy — his own mind.

Due to guilt and continual involvement in magic, Artemis has developed a mental illness known as Atlantis Complex, which involves OCD, paranoia, and multiple personalities.

Meanwhile, a fairy foe is determined to destroy the city of Atlantis. Can Artemis battle out of the confinements of his own mind long enough to save fairykind once again?

Filled once again with witty humor and page-turning action, Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex is a worthwhile read…even if you haven’t read any of the previous books (but I do suggest you start from the very beginning!).

To request this book from your nearest Wake County Public Library, click on the image above, or here. Enjoy yet another one of Eoin Colfer’s account of the criminal (or not) mastermind, Artemis Fowl.


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