A Xmas Craft: Holiday Cards

Many people send out cards during the holidays, and I am among them. Cards can get expensive depending on how many you buy, and it’s much more personal when you make them yourself. It can get a bit complicated so I will show you an easy way to make lots of easy X-mas cards ūüôā

Things you will need:

Hard-stock (Paper or even Index cards work too)

Water Paints

Different sized Brushes

Stamp Pads (You can decide what colors to use)

You can make a Christmas tree by pressing your thumb into a green stamp pad and starting with five prints in a row (or more if you are working with a larger sheet of paper), work your way up to just one and put a single print on the bottom of brown or gold as the trunk. You can also draw a star or angel at the top of the tree and add ornaments for a more decorated look.

Another way to make a tree is to just paint it, it is just as easy and there’s mush more room for error. Making a low and wide “w” shape start at the bottom of the paper and work your way up,¬†progressively¬†making the width smaller. If your painting on a index card, don’t be afraid to let the tree’s branches be too longer then the card and expand off the paper, and adding a skinny brown line as the trunk down the center may look bad at first but if you redraw green branches over it, ¬†it looks great.

To make reindeer use light brown paints and make a oval shape, then draw on dark brown antlers and add a wide oval for the nose (brown or red like Rudolph) with a fine tip brush (or you can take it easy and use a marker) Underneath the reindeer you can write the name of everyone in your family or write a greeting like  Happy Holidays.

For¬†Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, you can draw a thick line (color¬†doesn’t¬†matter) in the center off your paper and adding a thumb print of red, index finger or orange and pinky finger of red as the flame. You can also paint or draw the flame, even cutting one out of colored paper and¬†gluing¬†it on.

The¬†easiest¬†one to make in my opinion was the candy cane, I took a wide brush and used a light red color to make a candy cane shape, after it dried I added white stripes and outlined the cane in red, but that’s not¬†necessary.

These are some great ways to get started but once you get¬†creative¬†I’m sure you will be able to think of new items to make. Happy Crafting ūüôā


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