How to Not Prepare for the SATs

My exact SAT book that I bought just for this SAT.

I’m an idiot. I’ve acknowledged this to everyone I know and more than enough people I don’t know. But what I didn’t know about myself was just how bad my sense of time perception was. Is. And thus begins my unfortunate story of not preparing for my SATs.

I signed up for the SATs earlier this year, planning ahead and giving myself the latest possible testing date (December 4th) without being a daredevil and taking it in January, where a random snow day could push back my SAT and ruin my chances of even possibly getting into NCSSM. And despite my dad asking me nearly weekly whether I’d studied for the SAT yet, my books remained uncracked. In 7th grade, I scored an 1850 with literally no preparation. I’d gone in cold, determined to find out my “base score”, or basically what I could get with no preparation at all. I came out fairly confident, since I honestly at the time didn’t care about this SAT mess.

So I procrastinated, and waited, and didn’t do anything despite seeing my friends continually update their Facebook statuses about how much they were suffering with 4 hours of SAT practice every Saturday and whatnot. And slowly the date for my SAT approached, until I flipped a page in my agenda and saw bright, cheery letters on the very next Saturday. Spelling my doom.

“SAT today! Sleep! Study! : D”

I gazed down, blinking blearily. This couldn’t be real life, right? I checked my computer. It was definitely November 27th. One week to the SAT, and not one practice test under my belt. My only experience with the SAT was literally the SAT itself, 3 years ago. I think a part of my soul slowly shriveled and died that instant. So I ran upstairs and grabbed my SAT book, plopped it open on my desk in front of me. I stared blankly at it for a few seconds, and procrastinated again, resolving to bring it to school every day and do a practice test…every day.

And thus began my cramming for the SAT. Every day I lugged a huge white SAT book to school, and whenever I had free time in class I pulled out a notebook and wrote down my answers to the questions. Unfortunately, I learned that dividing my attention between a test that simply needed my attention and trying to literally do a speed run through the whole thing was not conducive to a good grade. I got straight 1950’s for the three tests I managed to take that week.

“William, I’m going to fail!” I wailed to my friend, who took one look at my calculated score and burst out laughing.
“Tommy! I’m going to faaaaaiiilllll!” I wailed to another friend, who glanced at my book and my frantic expression and did his best impression of a crazy man laughing without even trying.
“omg Josh I’m going to die. just kill me now.” I typed unhappily to my friend, who replied back with “lol”.

I was doomed.

All in all, I think I did ok on the SAT. Nothing great or extraordinary, but I am fairly confident I came close to 2000. But I’m a little disappointed, because I obviously could have done better had I actually studied. So don’t do what I did. Study for your SAT, or you’ll end up the small asian girl carrying a giant white book through school, thumbing unhappily through it when she has spare time and QQ-ing at her friends when not.


2 Responses to How to Not Prepare for the SATs

  1. lindsey @ eva perry library, apex says:

    Don’t forget that you can take practice tests on the Wake County One Search tool listed under “Research” on the Wake County website. The tool is called Learning Express Library, and it’s free to anyone with a Wake County Library card 24/7.

  2. Nicole at Cameron Village Library says:

    Ha! This reminds me of studying for the GRE in college. I totally ignored it except for the logic portion. I really liked the puzzles in the book. Hope you didn’t faaaaaiiilllll. Don’t forget to let us all know how you did.

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