Movies to Watch With Your Family

Just a few movies you can watch with your family 🙂

National Treasure 1

Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) is finally on the trail of a mythical treasure that his family has been searching for for centuries. However, he is also in a race with time because there is another man after it — and who will stop at nothing to get it.
Action, suspense, history, romance, hidden treasure…this movie has it all. Between stealing the Declaration of Independence and dodging the FBI, Gates has got a lot on his mind. You’ll find yourself clinging the edge of your seat (or the arm of your sister, in my case) while you laugh, gasp, and search with Nicholas Cage in this thrilling action movie.

National Treasure [2]: Book of Secrets

And of course this wonderful first movie has a sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Yet unlike many sequels, this one rivals its predecessor. Once again filled with thrilling scenes (like kidnapping the President), you won’t be disappointed in this one if you were amazed by the first movie. This time, Gates’s ancestor, Thomas Gates, is accused of being the mastermind behind the whole Lincoln assassination. Now he has to clear his ancestor’s name or have the Gates family name once again become “mud”.


Despicable Me

Gru wants to be the ultimate superbad guy. After another younger villan stole the Pyramids, Gru decides to come up with his own master plan that would place him on the top of the tops — he is going to steal the MOON.
With the help of his awesome yellow minions, his fellow scientist partner (who is a little hard of hearing) and three orphans, Gru sets to go off into space and steal the moon. However, the three orphans see in Gru something that no one would have ever thought possible — a dad.
This movie was so touching and sweet, as well as hilariously funny in some scenes. Great family movie!



Picture the Earth as it is in Wall-E — filled with trash and lifeless…that is, except for a cockroach and Wall-E, a robot programmed to clean up the Earth’s surface. Meanwhile, humans are on a spaceship far off in space, waiting for the Earth to become inhabitable again. When Eva, a robot meant to check to see if there is any life on Earth, lands near where Wall-E lives, both machines become entangled in a space mission that would change humankind forever.
This is an adorable movie, one of my favorites, in fact. 5/5 stars for Wall-E!


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Okay. You can obviously tell my family and I are Nicholas Cage fans. We are, and he didn’t disappoint us in this new movie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
In this movie, Cage plays Balthazar Blake, one of Merlin’s three apprentices. After Merlin is betrayed by Maxin Horvath (another apprentice) and Veronica (the last apprentice), Balthazar, the remaining apprentice, goes out to find an apprentice who is destined to defeat Morgana once and for all.

Have fun watching these 😀



2 Responses to Movies to Watch With Your Family

  1. Michael G. says:

    Two movies I would certainly recommend to families are “Searching for Bobby Fischer” and “Akeeelah and the Bee”

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