Teen Gingerbread Houses

Many of the Wake County Libraries had a craft where teens could make gingerbread houses using a milk carton, graham crackers, icing, and candy.  I attended the one at Eva Perry Library, and it was really fun.  Too bad you missed it, but don’t worry, there will be another one next year! Here is my side of the story…

Trying to sign up my friend and I for a gingerbread house was easy although I almost put us in the little kid one the Saturday before. I simply called the library to register.  Sending my friend Kelsey a Facebook message telling her to bring a half pint milk carton, I was asked back if she needed the “carton or the liquid too?” I told her that we only needed the carton and just one week later I drove to her house (with my brand new permit!) and picked her up. My dad, who was then driving, demonstrated my “driving” by slamming the brakes, gas, brakes, gas, brakes and until we started laughing so hard we cried and rocking back and forth in our seats, he didn’t stop. On our way to the library we had to stop at Krogers so I could get a half pint for my house. By the time we got to Eva Perry we were almost 5 minutes late and went straight to the room it was held in. Even with our late coming we were warmly welcomed to the craft.

My container was still full of milk (as I told Kelsey we didn’t need) and was much heavier then everyone else’s but it helped because it didnt flop around as I tried to put the icing on. There were 11 people there, (12 including the librarian) and we all sat at tables with plenty of graham crackers, twizzlers, fruit loops, frosting, gum drops, mini marshmallows and other candies to decorate with. My house had fruit loops on the roof and a twizzler path, here take a look…

Here are some other houses:

My gingerbread house was kept in the fridge (per the full container) and every time anyone needed to open the fridge, a little piece just  disappeared…. The entire experience was fun and I hope next year you can come join in on the fun!


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