Swine Flu 2011??

In the past two weeks, I know of three people that have contracted the swine flu. You are probably thinking, “That is SO Fall ’09.” That was exactly what was going through my mind too, but I got thinking, is the swine flu (or another version of the swine flu) really coming back? I’m no medical expert, but are the three cases of the swine flu just among the people I know really the beginning of a new wave of viruses? I did a quick Google search and I found that the first case of swine flu of the year in Idaho was just confirmed today. With my sister’s friend, my friend, and my friend’s dad all getting swine flu within such a short period of time, it got me thinking… Like I said, I’m no doctor, but is another epidemic coming our way? Just something to think about and try preventing before it’s too late…

The library has couple of interesting books on the topic…check them out here!


3 Responses to Swine Flu 2011??

  1. oreganol says:

    Oreganal (oil of oregano) is great for warding off flu and colds. It helps build up the immune system, so well worth taking. Especially, if like me, you prefer to take a more natural approach. I wouldn’t want to have a vaccine, as I think they weaken your immune system over the long run.

  2. Tim says:

    Did the Dr. just assume it was swine flu or did he/she actually test for it?

    • serenaa8 says:

      The doctor had actually tested for it. Also, my school nurse sent out an email to inform students about where to get H1N1 and normal flu shots, which makes me think about if we really are about to have another outbreak…

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