Another Winter Fashion Trend

Can you say…

Convertible gloves??!

Just think about it. They’re mittens when you’re walking around outside in the freezing cold, hands in your jacket pockets… and you can easily convert them into fingerless gloves for dexterous activities! When the mitten part is not in use, simply button it down on the back of your hand. I think they’re really cute, pretty practical, and very affordable. Waiting for my next mall outing to grab a colorful, wonderful pair of these!

These wonderful gloves are available, from my knowledge, at Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. They should be available at other stores, too, although I’m thinking mostly mall stores because I feel like the department stores haven’t picked this style up yet. Google around!

Just a hint: if you Google “convertible gloves”, you might also come up with hits like this:

These are actually gloves combined with wrist warmers. Pretty clever, aren’t they? Haha.

Post comments! Your thoughts/opinions/reviews if you have some of these!


One Response to Another Winter Fashion Trend

  1. Susan says:

    I bought a pair of these in red and I have to say, they’re really nice!

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