Book Review: The Lost Hero

YES. I’ve finally borrowed this book from a friend. Rick Riordan has written another series called The Heroes of Olympus, and this is the first book. Unlike his OTHER series, the one involving Egyptian gods, this one continues on with the Percy Jackson series, you know, the Greek mythology theme. It commonly alludes to the Percy Jackson series, so I suggest you read those books first if you haven’t already.

It starts out with three friends: Jason, Piper, and Leo — all students at the Wilderness School (which is a boarding school for “challenged” kids) — going on a field trip. Except there’s a problem — Jason doesn’t remember anything. Who is that cute girl sitting beside him, holding his hand? Who is the weird boy who claims to be his friend? And who the heck is he?

One weird thing leads to another. Angry storm spirits attack them at the Grand Canyon, Jason somehow knows swordplay, and it turns out that their gym coach is actually a satyr. Next thing these three know, they’re being whisked away to Camp Halfblood by an angry Annabeth who expected to find something other than three unclaimed demigods.

So. Sound interesting? You don’t know the half of it. Filled with Riordan’s wit, skills, and humor, you will NOT be able to rest until you finish it. And even when you finish it, you won’t be able to wait for the next book. Which, apparently, is going to be called “The Son of Neptune” (WHICH IS COMING OUT THIS FALL so be on the lookout for that)– the title already giving away what Riordan is going to incorporate along with the Greek mythology already present…but no more spoilers. READ. 5/5 stars DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.

You can watch the second book revealed here on Youtube. And you can reserve “The Lost Hero” here at your nearest Wake County Public Library. It’s also available in downloadable audio format, if you want to listen to it.

Enjoy! -hils


2 Responses to Book Review: The Lost Hero

  1. I loved the youtube video. Thank you for the review! Do drop by to our blog too 🙂

  2. kharisma says:

    hi everybody my name is kharisma i am ten years old. and i love the lost hero i just started reading this amazing book today i am going to get this book from the libary and finish this whole book butthis book is like crazy long it have 500 and something pages but it is all worth it because this book is amazing k bye thats what i have to say about this book plz read this bool gtg lol

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